We're a design studio dedicated to advancing equity in the U.S. food system.

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Our mission is to co-create a more equitable and joyful food system through design.

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Food nourishes us in more ways than one. It connects us to our identity, culture, history, community, memory, and land. To ourselves and to each other.

People often say our food system is broken. In reality, it’s working exactly as it was designed, benefiting some while failing to meet the needs of many more.

That means we can design a different future. As many communities have demonstrated, we can co-create more equitable and joyful food experiences. And it’s critical that community members most impacted by the oppression, racism, and exclusion upon which our food system was built are key collaborators in that process.

That’s why Studio Magic Hour specializes in equity-centered design strategy, coaching, training, and implementation for food companies and food system organizations seeking to co-create impact through design. We believe that community members with lived experience know what solutions are most needed. We believe there is magic in co-design, where community members collaborate with relevant organizations and other experts to learn, imagine, and create together. And we believe in the power of equity-centered design frameworks, mindsets, and practices that guide collaborators along the way.

We offer customized design services for food system opportunities of all sizes.


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