Who We Are

Studio Magic Hour, run by principal design strategist Lucy Flores, is a space for cross-disciplinary collaboration. We have deep relationships within both food system networks and design communities, and convene teams to meet each project’s unique scope and needs. For customized design engagements, collaborators may include stakeholders and community members with lived experience, organizations and other institutions that intersect with the project area, and other food system and design practitioners.


Lucy Flores

Founder & Design Strategist

Hello! My name is Lucy (she/her) and I am a design strategist and the founder of Studio Magic Hour. Previously, I helped launch FoodCorps, a national nonprofit dedicated to cultivating joy, health, and justice for kids through nutritious food, in partnership with schools and community. As Director of Innovation, I led and collaborated on numerous design projects, including Reimagining School Cafeterias and Nourishing Learners: School Meals and Education During COVID-19. I am a former Equitable Design Fellow at Hopelab, and a member of the Design Justice Network, Cafeteria Collective, Equity Army, and AIGA.

While our studio specializes in supporting food system organizations, we are always open to collaborating with design + food practitioners on special projects. Have ideas you want to bounce around? Please reach out—we'd love to hear from you!

Are you interested in teaming up for a special project?